Saturday, March 28, 2009

National Anarchists: inside the Military and Out

Welcome to the National Anarchists in the Military blog! This site is a resource for current and former members of the armed services who support National Anarchism. Written by former and serving members of the military, this blog is designed to promote National Anarchism to existing or retired servicemen and women.

We realize that for many people, entering the armed forces is a huge culture shock to "racial differences" and irreconcilable lifestyles differences competing with each other for dominance. Although military training is designed to eliminate these differences through camaraderie and a shared pride in each others unit, multicultural fighting forces have proven to make us weaker by dividing us rather than uniting us in common cause to accomplish our mission.

As National Anarchists we realize that warrior hierarchies are a natural function of any society to protect itself from dangers from outsiders. Our instincts are to care for our community and perfect the science and craft of war to defend our loved ones. Unfortunately the just cause with which we serve is undermined and exploited by a parasitical political class that would rather use the military for social experiments and as a tool to annihilate competitors to the ruling classes economic interest.

To combat this we are raising awareness of tribal solidarity, in the ranks, on the bases and outside the command to bolster the support we have for each other and serve with honor and distinction.

We welcome you to share the information in this blog to servicemen and women you know in the armed forces and spread the word of a tradition-bound tribal solidarity that doesn't just have to exist among minority interests.

Thanks for reading and hoorah!


  1. The Australian National-Anarchists are watching this blog keenly for updates.

    Good job!!

  2. National Anarchist of color are watching this blog. Great work guys! Hoorah!